First post: welcome :)

I think its about time I write my first entry!

Hello to everyone I hope that you have had a good day.

I have been working all day, right now I’m lying on my bed writing this post and looking out of my window. It is throwing it down with rain :/

So I want to say welcome to my blog. HI!!!!

I have already introduced myself and wrote a little bit about me in the Β about sectionΒ so you can go and take a look if you want to!

MyΒ planner obsession began last year. I have always loved stationery, it was the first thing I went to in a shop when I was younger, not the toys….. but the pens and notebooks and stickers lol.

Wow the rain just got really bad!

Anyway I have 7 planners altogether.

I have 6 personal sized planners and I’ve recently acquired a happy planner. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

I’ve become hooked on Instagram. I try to post daily on there and my posts are only planner related (maybe a little about project life for time to time). I’m very proud of the number of followers I have. I mean 663 followers to some people is nothing. But for a quiet, shy and not very confident girl it means an awful lot! The planner community consists of such friendly people. I have met such lovely people. I have a planner buddy in America and we have become great friends. People are always there to help you out with your planner troubles and share their tips and tricks.

It is so nice to feel like I belong in this community. πŸ™‚

Because you can not write a lot on your instagram posts and because it is mainly for pictures I decided to write this blog. Honestly I am planner/ planner goodies/ stationery mad and writing about these things will be so much fun!

I am a learner though, setting up this blog has taken me a long time! I wanted to get it looking just right, but I have kept things simple. I have no idea how clever this thing is or what it is capable of doing but with practice I am hoping to get better at it.

I’m hoping to give you the planner community gossip, free printables that I have made/ will make in the future and discount codes for certain Etsy shops that I am a design team member of πŸ˜‰ (theres two!!)

Anyhoo I think that just about wraps up my first post. I hope you enjoyed it please feel free to comment or contact me and my social media information can found at the bottom of the page. I hope to make some new planner friends and that we can share our planner knowledge!




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