My Planner Dream

I had a dream/nightmare last night. πŸ‘€

I was in a craft shop, maybe hobbycraft and I was picking up these new planner goodies in the shop.

I was really excited, I got washi tapes and sticky notes and they were a great price too! 😍😍
I was walking to the checkout, then to my horror, I remembered that I was on a no spend!!!! 😟
I then had to make the extremely difficultΒ decision of if I was going to put the lovely goodies down and walk out of the shop!!!!! OR buy them all and fail the no spend!!

Thats when I woke up!!

What would you do in that difficult situation? 😏

I am putting myself on a no spend for July because I’ve spent far too much in May and June and I have way to many things which I need to start using! Does thats sound familiar to any of you?
I know i’m going to find this really difficult. If you are thinking about doing a no spend in July let me know and we can support each other πŸ™‚
I think i’ll have to lock myself up for the 31 days so that I’m not tempted! 😩




2 thoughts on “My Planner Dream

  1. Oh my I did it for May and to much of my surprise I think I’m still on it went into Michaels and was very proud of myself sometimes I think it is only based on what everyone else has but I have been making due with what I have but trust me it is so hard for sure … Looking forward to more post 😍

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