Happy Planner Printable’s :)

Hey Guys,

I’ve finished Uni now until September so hopefully I’ll be able to update my ย blog more often!

I’ve been a bit craftyย with my happy planner this week. Ive made two printable’s which I’ll be sharing with you. ๐Ÿ™‚

But first let me tell you whats been going on…..

I had a depressing moment with my happy planner a couple of weeks ago. It was taking me ages to decorate it and I felt like I was just copying the information from my personal planner to my happy planner. It was really stressing me out. I didn’t want to waste the dated pages in the happy planner though.

I posted on Instagram asking for help. A couple of ladies had said they had the same problem and ended up giving up on their happy planner ๐Ÿ˜ฆ and just sticking with the personal.

Anyway I don’t know where this idea came from but last week I didn’t decorate my planner. On the Monday I added some washi and just started writing.

I’ve started to use it as a daily reflection tool. On the top section I’mย tracking the times I have woken up each day along with pain and mood tracking. Then in the middle section I’ve listed between four and six things I’ve done on each day. The last section I’ve listed just a few things that are on my mind like things I need to do or buy etc. I used my happy planner every day last week! (proud moment)

So this week I’ve set it up the same way and its still working for me. I may tweak it a little but thats whats so great about these planners you can customise them to suit you and your needs!!

Moving on, before i sold my A5 planner I was using it as a home planner. I stored all my passwords for online sites in there as well as a master cleaning list and to do list. I wasn’t having much luck finding these printables for the happy planner so I had a go at making my own. I am not a professional at this (far from it), but I am going to share them with you so you are more than welcome to use them.

The first printable I made was a password tracker. As you can see this is just a simple printable. I had one just the same in my A5 planner and it was perfect for me. I’ve added some washed punched the holes- job done ๐Ÿ™‚


The next printable I made is a to do list. The paper that I am using isn’t very good so you can see the hearts from the other side because I printed them double sided. This doesn’t really bother me, I may print them on better paper next time so something to bear in mind if you wanted to do them double sided.


They are made for A4 paper and then Ive just used an old happy planner insert as a template to get the size right.

Ive also had a go at trimming down some patterned A4 notebook paper to put into my planner. Quite happy with how it looks. I have tons and tons of notebooks which I’ll never end up using so instead of buying the happy planner paper or printing out note paper I’ve done this you should give it a go!


Ok this is the last bit now I promise lol. My planner buddy sent me this notepad a while ago, I think its from target. It just about fits perfectly into the happy planner, maybe just a couple of cm’s need trimming off. I have a couple of these that will need trimming and punching and they can go straight in.



Ok thats just about everything!

The free printable’s are below they have been made using Microsoft powerpoint. I hope you find them useful. I’d love to see how you’re using them, tag me in your Instagram posts @zzz0eee

to do list for happy planner

password tracker for happy planner




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