#itsonlymecaralee stickers!

Hey Guys

Hope you have all had a great Monday!!

As you know I am part of Its Only Me CaraLee’s design team. Last week I received my second set of stickers from Caralee, I wanted to wait until I used some of the stickers so I could show you how they look in a planner.

This month I got 2 sticker kits from Caralee as well as a set of no spend stickers and pay day stickers. I love them all and will find all of them useful! Β Heres a picture of all the stickers that I got.



You get 30 no spend stickers for Β£2.00 and 30 pay day stickers for Β£1.75. The stickers kits are only Β£3.00 each!! See what I mean when I say they are a bargain!!

For this week’s spread I decided to use the orange kit. I do like bright bold colours (pink is my favourite) I didn’t think I would like this in my planner as much as I do!

Below is a close up of the kit I used this week. The kit includes:

2 strips of washi for a personal planner

6 large flags

8 small flags

6 To do stickers

6 Work stickers

3 Important stickers

2 Monday to Sunday tracking stickers

12 Different icon stickers (I love these)

4 Circle stickers (I use these for any events that are happening)

A weekend sticker (Love these too!)

2 Lovely flower stickers


What I think is great isΒ that Caralee uses the same format for all of the kits that she makes, so if yourΒ routine is pretty much the same every week these kits will be great to use Β but because you can get them in lots of different designs, each week will look different.

I had lots of fun planning with this kit at the weekend and it took me no time at all to decorate my weekly spread.

And here it is


Isn’t it pretty  😍😍😍

I’m sure you have already seen my personal discount code on my blog and my Instagram page (check out my new profile picture, me and my sister having fun with snapchat lol)Β Β But if not the code is ZOEG10 for 10% off!

AndΒ heresΒ a link to the shop πŸ™‚

I’m off to watch Big Brother!



#dtonlymecaralee #plannercommunity



One thought on “#itsonlymecaralee stickers!

  1. Looks fantastic!!! Love the layout-the colors are so pretty!! All those stickers are great!! Love the no spend ones also!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’œπŸ’œ

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