DIY Paperclips!

Hey guys!

Earlier today I posted a picture on my Instagram page of some cute paperclips that I made for my planner. I am obsessed with these at the moment and have a whole drawer full of them now!

I wanted to share with you how I made them so that you can have a go too if you want! This is such a simple DIY and you only need a few crafty bits and pieces.

So heres the list of everything that I used

  • Laptop (for the images)
  • Printer (to print the images)
  • Scissors
  • Laminating pouches
  • Laminator
  • Glue gun
  • Cutting mat (or something similar)
  • Paperclips (in a variety of colours if you like!)

And heres how I made them.

First of all I searched online for lots of cute images for the paperclips that I would be making. I copied these to a word document and resized them to a size I was happy with. You don’t want them too big or too small so you might want to play around with this a little to get them just how you want.


Theses ones here that I did are a little bigger than I would have liked, you might want to use this as a guide.

Now its time to cut.

When it comes down to cutting I think you are either a perfectionist who has to cut perfectly around the image leaving no white bits at all. Or like me youΒ aren’t too fussed about some of the white paper showing.

I like to leave a white border around the image. I think it looks ok like this and it obviously saves lots of time and is a lot easier!! Heres how mine turned out.


Now lets get laminating!

Place all of the images into a laminating pouch. I like to leave a bit of room between the images so that I don’t have to cut right down to the image once they have been laminated. Doing this may cause the laminating sheet to come apart.

Because these images are so small you can get quite a few onto an A4 pouch.

Once you have done that you can pop them through the laminator.


I love seeing the images when they come out of the laminator because they are nice and shiny and make the pictures seem brighter!

Now it’s time to cut out again, as I saidΒ above I don’t cut right around the image. I leave a gap of about half a cm. You can see this on the next image.

The next part of the DIY is attaching the images to paperclips. To save time I usually heat up my glue gun whilst I am cutting out the laminated images. By the time I have cut them all out the glue gun is ready to use. When use the glue gun I like to use my cutting mat underneath so that I do not damage my furniture. If you do not have a cutting mat you could use a piece of cardboard or something similar.

Now turn the image over and add a dab of glue to the back, then attach the paperclip holding it in place for a few seconds while it sets but do not put your fingers on the glue because it is very hot!


Heres one that I did, you can also see what I mean about leaving a little bit of a gap around the image to ensure it stays sealed.

Do this in turn with all of the images, putting them to one side so that they can dry. I would leave them for 5 minutes.


And guess what…..

Thats it all done.

If you wanted you could print out a second sheet of your images and repeat the cutting and laminating process, then attach these to the back of the paperclips so that you can’t see the glue or the paperclip at the back.


Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post. If you make any of these paperclips be sure to tag me in your Instagram posts, I would love to see what you make!! My Instagram is here

Bye for now




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