DIY A5 Planner Dividers

Hey guys, a couple of weeks ago I posted on Instagram showing you a couple of the new dividers I had made for my new A5 Filofax fluro pink planner.

I am so happy how these turned out and I want to share with you how I made them and what I made them out of!

So first let me show you how they turned out.

I apologise for the lightening. I took these photos in the evening when I was making the dividers.


I made 5 dividers and used different patterns but the same colour scheme. I am obsessed with black and white at the moment so I just had to use these!!

I don’t know if you have guessed yet but the paper I used to make these dividers are actually old happy planner dividers!

First of all I chose the papers that I wanted to use and made sure they matched one another. I suppose this doesn’t really matter and is personal preference.

Then I used an A5 divider that I already had as a template for making the dividers. I drew around the A5 divider using a pencil.


As you can see there is plenty of room to make a divider this size from the happy planner paper without it going over on to the hole space or the tab.

img_7112This picture just shows you the lines that I made. I didn’t draw all the way around the divider because there was no need to.

Then I used my guillotine to cut the paper to theΒ size I needed, using the line I had drawn as a guide. If you don’t have a guillotine you can use scissors.


You may have noticed that the happy planner dividers usually have half of the month on the back of them. To cover this up I used A5 sized scrapbook paper, these were a perfect fit. If you do not have A5 sized paper then you can use what ever you have and cut them to size using the same steps that I told you about above.


And thats the main part completed!


Now for the next bit.

I kept the left over pieces of paper because I was going to use then to make tabs for the dividers but I decided against this because I am doing a black, white and pink theme in my planner so I made pink tabs instead.

My planner bestie (here is her InstagramΒ if you would like to follow her) sent me one of those cool tab punches a few month ago, I didn’t know how good they are!! If you have one of these you can make tabs for your dividers in no time!!


There are four different tab punches to choose from. I have the teal one, I really love the shape of this one!!

I highly recommend these punches as well as the clear sticky protecters which are used to attach the tab to the divider. The both are so great!

Alls you need to do is punch out the tab using the paper and tab punch then use the sticky protecters to attach them to the divider


Then I went back to my A5 template and used this to make pencil marks for the hole punch.


Use the hole punch to make the holes and they are ready to put into your planner.

My lovely planner bestie also sent me these cute little labels to label my dividers. I think these are amazing! Look how cute they look!!


Of course this will work for both A5 and personal sized planners so why not have a go.

The happy planner dividers are so colourful and pretty why not recycle the old ones and make some cute dividers for your planner!





One thought on “DIY A5 Planner Dividers

  1. They came out fantastic love!! So perfect the way you make them!! Thanks for the shout out girly-planner besties for life!! πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ˜˜πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ xoxo

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