The Planner Society Kit


I do apologise for not posting for aย few months but I have had soooo much to do! Nowย the Christmas holidays are over and the new year is here it has quietened down a little (for now) so I thought I would do a post.

And for this post I wanted to show you the planner society kit that I got from my lovely friend Ginger. I have mentioned Ginger in previous posts and I am always tagging her on my instagram posts. For those that don’t know, Ginger is my planner buddy, she lives in America and we swap planner goodies with each other each month. We have been doing this for over a year now and have become great friends! We are always talking to each other about our plans for our planners andย share ideas and planner gossip etc. Ginger is currently in the process of setting up her own Etsy shop, she will be selling a range of planner goodies that she has made and from what I have seen they are AMAZING. So once she is properly setup I will show you what she has on offer ๐Ÿ™‚

Ginger got me the November Planner Society Kit as part of my package for last month. Ive seen this kit all over instagram and have always wished that I could try one, but as it is based in America the price for posting would make it rather expensive ยฃยฃยฃยฃ so I have not had one before. ย I am really really lucky to be able to try out one of the kits and I must say it definitely has not been a disappointment. So thank you Ginger โค

I had a little look on the website and it looks like the planner society offers 4 different monthly subscription boxes. I have the planner society kit club box which isย $24.95 plus shipping. I’m just going to show you what came in the box (theres loads to show) and how beautifully presented it is.

This is a picture of everything that came in the box, it is so well presented, everything is in its own little package and I love the print inside the box, it all looks so expensive!


And heres a closer look at the goodies





Acrylic Stamps


Tabs and tab stickers


Not quite sure what i’ll be using these for as I haven’t seen them before. If you have any ideas let me know!



Sticky notes โค


Double sided paper, perfect for dividers! They also match the tabs from above!

Cute personalised pencil case.

I love this!


Heres a closer look at the tabs and the tab stickers, a good variety of labels here.


How gorgeous is this pen!




Last of all is this cute little planner charm! One of my favourite items from the box, its so pretty!


I love this box and I would definitely recommend it! As you can see you get loads for your money and I love how it is all co-orninated to fit a certain theme. It has obviously been well thought out!

I hope you have enjoyed this post.

I will be back soon with more






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