Planner Girls Collective, 1st post!

Hey guys,

I bet you didn’t expect me to be back with another post so soon but here I am. πŸ™‚

This year I have joined the planner girls collective, which is a group of girls that do weekly blog posts following a schedule of different prompts.

This week the prompt is….

2016 Planner overview (what worked, what didn’t?), aims for 2017 and planner set-up.

I started planning in 2015 but I think my planning really took off last year and thats when I became a true planner girl. πŸ˜›

Β I feel like I would be completely lost without a planner in my life now!

Last year I was using my Lilac Dokibook, I adore this planner and had no intentions of changing it throughout the year.


Heres what the inside looked like ❀


I started off using four tabs

monthly, weekly, finance and miscellaneous (notes and bits and bobs)


But as I was adding more to my planner it became too full. I couldn’t fit anymore into it so I took out the monthly sheets that I had used and I took out all of the finance section which I added to my A5 planner that I keep at home. My A5 planner is my home planner and contains passwords, master to dos, notes and now my finance section, to keep track of bills etc.

I had planned on using Wendaful’s vertical week on 2 page inserts for the whole of 2016 but because I had brought another planner from someone that had included Just So StationeryΒ inserts for July 2016 to December 2016 I started to use these in July.

Here are some vertical layouts that I completed.


It took me a while to adapt to the vertical setup but I loved it in the end and didn’t want to go back to horizontal.

But after using the horizontal inserts for a few weeks, I soon became familiar with them again.


At the end of 2016 I jotted down the things that I wanted in my planners. I would continue to use the A5 planner as a home planner and my New Kate Spade as my personal everyday planner. I made a list of what I wanted in each planner.Β I decided that I wanted to track some of the things in my routine so that I would keep on top of themΒ better. Some of the things I’ve decided to track are:

  • my water intake
  • my spending
  • my weight

I added these to my a5 along with some other bits in the miscellaneous section such as

  • wish list
  • blog ideas
  • instagram ideas

For my personal Kate Spade planner that came with inserts. I decided on using the weekly and monthly inserts, transfer my miscellaneous section from my dokibook, a to do list section and a notes section.

Heres a little look at the setup


I did have my doubts about this colour when setting it up and considered swapping it for a black one, but once I had set it up I fell in love with it again. I am so happy with how it has turned out.


I’ve added these sticky notes to jot down things for future planning so that I don’t mess up the weekly inserts by writing in them before its time to plan for that week.


These are the tabs that I’m using. I am not using dividers so that is freeing up some space. I have just added these cute tabs to the front page of each section. Then I have the Kate Spade ruler that marks where my weekly page is and a personalised bookmark for my monthly page.


This is what January looks like. I haven’t decided if I am going to decorate it yet.


And heres my first week’s spread.

I write myself a small to do list every night for the next day. This is working great for me at the moment.


This is my to do section.


And some of the things that I have in my miscellaneous section. I saw this somewhere online. One of my goals for 2017 is to be more positive about things. I thought this was a great way of turning negatives into positives.


Somethings in my lists section.

I have this so I know which books I have read. I have a new sheet for books that I read in 2017.



And my notes section.


I really do love my setup this year. What I love about these planners is that they are so adaptable so if something isn’t working for me I can try something else.

I hope you enjoyed this entry. πŸ™‚

Please take a look at the other planner girls collectives posts to see what there setup is like for 2017. The links are below.














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