The Delightful Unicorn Design Team


Hey guys,

I have recently becomeย apart of The Delightful Unicorn’s design team! I received my first package from the shop this week, if you follow me on instagram you will have already seen the pictures.

Now, The Delightful Unicorn sells lots of planner and stationary related goodies, it is not a shop that is committed to selling one product such as stickers. Nicki has a range of goodies for sale such as cute planner charms, pens, washi tape and dashboards!! If you are already interested in having a look at the shop the link isย here.

Personally I think that selling a variety of goodies is great because for shops that only sell one product, I find it hard to add enough of the itemsย in my basket to make it worth paying for the delivery.

So my design team pack arrived this week and I love every single item that I received!


Items I received

3 paperclips (soooo cute!)

Happy mail stickers

Personal sized dashboard

A5 journaling card


The cutest dinosaur I have every seen!!


Heres a look at the unicorn and macaroon paperclip in my planner. Nicki uses gold paperclips which I absolutely love!


Colourful happy mail stickers to remind you to send your happy mail!


A stunning dashboard, a beautiful vintage theme.


A journaling card for A5 planners. I really like this it’s a nice little decoration for your planner.

Nicki, the shop owner will be sharing a discount code soon so once that is set up I will share it with you on here and my instagram page. However you will be surprised at what bargains there are at this shop. Great value for money and very good quality.

If you’d like to see what other goodies might be coming in the future to the delightful unicorn why don’t you follow the Instagram page and the Facebook page

Thank you reading




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