Planner Girls Collective: Week 3


I’m back with another post following the list of prompts from the Planner Girls Collective group. We are now on week three and this weeks prompt is:

Favourite Stationery and Craft Shops

Below you will find aΒ top 10 count down of my favourite shops.


At number 10 is……


There isn’t a John Lewis near to where I live so I don’t go here very often, but when I do, I love to go in and have a nosey in the stationery section. However in my opinion I do think it is a little pricey and I must admit, I haven’t actually ever brought anything from there.

Number 9


Hema is the first shop I brought my very first planner supplies from back when I got into planning. The prices are really good and they stock all sorts such as stickers, sticky notes and washi tape.

Number 8


Tesco has a really good stationery section, its my first stop whenever I go to the supermarket. Again the prices are brilliant, they stock well-known brands and cute stationery collections.

Number 7


Wilkinsons have a good variety of stationery and craft supplies in their stores. I particularly love the stationery collections that they have which change every so often.

Number 6


I really love Tiger, they have some really unusual stationery and craft items. My local shopping centre has recently opened a Tiger store which I’m really happy about!

Number 5


The Range has quite a large range of stationery and craft supplies. I’ve had some really good bargains from here too in the past.

Number 4Β 


. Who doesn’t love a rummage in Tk Maxx!! You never know what treasures you are going to find in there and that’s why I think I love it so much!

Number 3


We are getting closer to my number one shop now. The Works is one of my top favourite stationery, craft and planner shops. You are always guaranteed a bargain at The Works. I have brought tons of supplies from this shop and I visit my local store often!

Number 2

It was really difficult for me to choose the top spot from the last two shops on my list. I have made a decision based on the shop I have purchased the most from. So at number 2 is


Every planner addict knows about Paperchase!! The shop has such gorgeous stationery and planner supplies. Unfortunately I don’t have a paper chase close to me, but I do shop on here online quite a lot and whenever I am on a shopping trip this shop is definitely on my list of go to shops!

It’s time for my Number 1 Stationery and Craft Shop

Number 1


Hobby craft is my number 1 shop. I love this place. We have one of these stores about 20 minutes away from us so I don’t get to go much but as with Paperchase I have brought a lot of things online from here. This place is massive and stocks pretty much everything related to stationery, planning and crafty materials.

I really hope you enjoyed this post.

Make sure you have a look at the other ladies posts to find out what their favourite shops are! The links are below.





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