The Delightful Unicorn Design Team pack #2

Earlier on in the week I received my 2nd little package of goodies from Nicki at The Delightful Unicorn.

Would you like to see what I got?




Ok so first up I got these cute stickers.

Coffee and doughnuts

No spend

Pay day

and Movie night.

I am doing a no spend this month so the no spend stickers will be used. I also love watching movies with my fiancรฉ (especially horror films) so the movie stickers will definitely be used, I really like that the movie night stickers are on a ticket as if you were going to the cinema. My favourite stickers have to be the coffee and doughnut stickers. I don’t drink coffee lol but I do drink lots of hot chocolate so I will use those stickers for that! These stickers are so cute I love how Nicki has made them really girly too!

I also got a cute journaling card with a unicorn on whichย says love is magic and a mechanical pencil (I usedย these all the time in school, I haven’t had one for years!)


Next I got 4… yes 4 paperclips! And look at the beauties. I am a paperclip addict! and I am in love with all of these. Theres a black glitter bow paperclip, a #boss paperclip in gold glitter, a pink metallic crown paperclip and the cute pink little mushroom paperclip to match the dinosaur paperclip I had in my last package from Nicki.


You really need to get yourself over to theย shopย to get yourself some of these amazing goodies!

Here I have a present for you.


This code will not be active forever so use it before it expires!



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