Planner Setup: Kikki K

Hello everyone today I am going to show you how I set up my planner!

I recently moved into my Kikki K tangerine, despite owning 5 Kikki K planners this is the first time I have used one of them! This is because I have heard on the planner grapevine that Kikki K planners have larger rings than other brands so I have been holding off using one just incase I like the ring sizes so much that I don’t want to use any other planner again.

But anyway I decided to go for it because I needed some encouragement to get back into planning. I’dΒ had a pretty tough time with things going on at home during March and April and this had taken away all my motivationΒ to plan. Obviously this was bad because I needed a schedule to for see my daily tasks. Cut a long story short it was a bad couple of months but things are looking good again.

Moving into the Kikki K is partly responsible for this, it gave me the motivation I needed to plan again and get back into my routine. I just love setting up a planner to move into! Even if you have had the planner a while and it has just been sitting on a shelf for ages (like mine had) it feels brand spanking new and it just gets me excited! πŸ˜›

Don’t get me wrong, I still completely love my Kate Spade (the planner I was using previously) but setting up the Kikki k was just what I needed and now I’m back to normal with my planning. πŸ™‚

So this is my beautiful Kikki K.


Isn’t she pretty!!!!!!

And this is the inside.


I’ve gone for a summer/tropical theme for this planner because of the colour and I’m also using gold accessories. I have changed it a little since first setting it up because of finding different things in my stash which would go with the theme. Its amazing the stuff you find when you have a good rummage!


This gold foiled paper and the vellum in the previous picture were fromΒ One Stop Craft Shop. This was my first order from this shop, my order arrived very quickly and I was really impressed with the papers I ordered.

Instead of using dividers in my planner, to save some space I have just used the page tabs with sticker labels to organise myself. I have a to do section, a miscellaneous section, a lists section, a family section and my diary. Β I haven’t changed much of the inside, I am using Kate Spade diary inserts because these are the ones I was using in my Kate Spade planner so it made sense to move those as I had been using them since January.



This is just note paper from paper chase.


I am using normal filofax paper below to track the books I have read.



And some of my weekly spreads.






Again instead of using dividers for my planner, for the calendar I use this clip in today page marker (it goes with me theme!!).


Kate Spade monthlyΒ pages and a planner princess magnetic page marker to highlight the month.


At the back of my planner, I keep this zip wallet with some small planner stickers for on the go.


And thats my setup, I do use an A5 planner for my finances and passwords etc but this Kikki K is my main planner. Since using this planner I am pushing myself to write everything and anything that comes into my head, any jobs that need doing, appointments I have and things about my family. It is working really well for me!

Please share you planner setup’s too! I love looking on Instagram for ideas as well as watching numerous youtube videos. I just love this community so much!

I hope you enjoyed this post!




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