My Planners and Journals.

I’m off work at the moment for the Summer (but we haven’t had much of a summer have we!). Anyway being off works means I have time to write more blog posts. πŸ™‚ Today I’m writing about the planners and journals that I’m currently using.

So my main planner is my gorgeous Kikki k in tangerine. I love this planner so much! I didn’t think I’d like the colour as much as I do, I think it’s perfect for summer, colourful and stylish. In this planner I have a section for my to do lists, a family section, to write in anything to do with my family e.g their appointments, things they need me to do etc. I have a miscellaneous section for bits and bobs such as my goals, birthdays and weight tracker. I also haveΒ a list section for various lists I keep such as book list, things to buy and planner stickers I need. After those sectionsΒ I’ve got my weekly and monthly spreads so that I can plan what I need to do each week.




Next up is my A5 Kikki K again in tangerine. This is my home planner that never leaves the house. I have weekly and monthly pages in here which I use to reflect on what I have done each day. I’ve also got a bills sections to keep track of bills I need to pay and to monitor my spending. Next is the passwords section, because I have so many to remember! And finally a notes sections this includes a master shopping list, a pack list and blog ideas list.

I’ve also got this simple notebook which I keep in my handbag. This is a brain dump book. Anything that I need to remember, need to do, need to buy gets jotted down in here and then I will transfer this into my planners at home.

So they are the planners that I am using at the moment. Now I’m going to talk about my journals. I really got into journaling at the beginning of the year. I’ve had a journal since 2014 that I will write in once in a blue moon when I feel like I need to get something off my chest but at the beginning of this year I set up a few more journals to use everyday.

So this is my ‘everything journal’ If I need to let something out, want to talk about a good or bad day, talk about my plans for the week then this is where I will write. I don’t use this as much as I should. I have decorated some of the pages when I was feeling creative to make it look more fun.

I set myself a goal at the beginning of the year to be more positive, so I set up a positivity journal. I write 3 good things in here each day. I’ve read that to begin with this is really hard but if you do it each day it gets easier and you will start to think more positively.

Next is my mood journal. In here each day I rate my mood out of 10, 1 being bad and 10 being really good and then I just write a paragraph (more if I need to) about the way I am feeling. This is my favourite journal and the easiest to write in because I am writing about how I am feeling right at the moment. I’m not having to think about what has happened in the morning etc (I could if I wanted to) I’m talking about my current mood and I feel like the writing just flows more easily.


This is my most recent journal, I only purchased this last week. I’ve wanted to read the bible for a while now and I came across bible journaling online. I thought this might help me to read the bible but I can also be creative at the same time. There are some lovely pages on instagram and Pinterest of people’s bible journals. I got the Inspire NLT bible which has some pages to colour and then other pages are left blank for you to do your own art work.


I really hope you enjoyed reading about the planners and journals that I am currently using.

Bye for now



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