Hello everyone!

Welcome to my very first blog.

I started this blog in 2016 with the intention of sharing my love of planners and stationery with you all.

You may or may not have noticed that I haven’t posted for a while now, this is because I have had lots going on in my life so I needed to concentrate on those things. I am hoping to get this blog back on track now and post on here at least once a week.

I am still really new to this and I am trying to learn about all the things I can do on here. A while ago I added different sections to my blog such as planner girl, reading and project life. What I wanted to do is post in each category about the different things but I have done a little bit of research and from what I’ve read, this isn’t possible.

Anyway to make my life easier I have decided to combine the categories and now everything and anything I post will be on one page. I think this will encourage me to post more because I wont feel like I have to post about a certain thing. I thought to myself that perhaps I can use this as some sort of online journal and whatever I want to write about I can and hopefully you will comment and join me.

So of course this blog will contain planner related material/ conversation because this is my first love

But also I will be writing about other bits and bobs that I find interesting, so watch this space!

Β I hope that you enjoy me in waffling on about whatever it is I write about lolΒ , feel free to comment and share your tips and tricks, loves and hobbies and anything else!

I wanted to do a blog to improve my writing skills and share the things I love online, but I would really like it if I met some new friendsΒ too!

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